Known Issues

I'm aware of the following limitations and issues with PicLocata. If you find a problem that isn't on this list, please contact me and I'll do my best to resolve it.

  • This version of PicLocata works for pictures taken in Great Britain and Ireland. It cannot process pictures taken in other parts of the world.
  • PicLocata does not work with GPX files exported from Anquet Maps. Although Anquet Maps can import a GPS track, it exports the track information as a route not a track. Route data does not include time information with sufficent accuracy for PicLocata to use.
  • This version of PicLocata does not read Magellan eXplorist LOG files. However you might use GPSBabel to convert a Magellan track to GPX format, or use TopoGrafix EasyGPS to import track data direct from your Magellan GPS.
  • Multi-camera synchronisation requires that each camera records a different manufacturer, model or serial number. So you may not be able to use this feature with identical camera bodies.
  • PicLocata does not modify raw image files. The EXIV2 library used by PicLocata is capable of writing location data into some raw file types. However testing has shown that some image processing programs cannot handle the modified files.